As a Trusted Advisor, we assist our clients with:

  • Generational Planning
    We believe that education is a powerful tool in building strong relationships. Passing the wealth you worked so hard to acquire onto your spouse or the next generation is often a difficult task. Allow us to assist in coming up with the most efficient strategy to augment the skills, knowledge and motivation to be financially responsible of all your family members.
  • Philanthropy
    A great source of pride to many of our clients is charitable giving. Princap helps uncover the endless philanthropic opportunities available and the most beneficial way to make these charitable gifts.
  • Managing a Family Business
    There are many decisions and implications to those decisions when it comes to family business owners. Princap can assist in creating the right strategy when it comes to financing, liquidity events, and all strategic alternatives.
  • Tax Planning
    We work closely with your personal advisors or may recommend outside professionals when necessary to provide advice and guidance on estate tax strategies, transaction analysis, review of tax returns, and analysis of how tax law changes can affect your investments.
  • Property Management
    Owning property is not only part of a client's life goal, but also another piece of their investment portfolio. Princap helps clients navigate any challenges associated with entering and exiting the market.
  • Structuring and Protecting Assets
    Understanding the potential risks that you and your family can face is fundamental to any planning. Addressing these issues before they are problems helps mitigate these risks and minimize any impact they may have.
  • Analyzing Concentrated Holdings
    You are only one scandal away from losing your investments in large single-stock positions. While these positions may create wealth effectively, a strategy must be in place to maintain it.
  • Access to Hedge Funds and Private Equity
    While not appropriate for all investors, professionally managed hedge funds and private equity programs can be instrumental parts of a well balanced portfolio.

  • Trust and Estate Planning
    We work closely with your personal advisors or may recommend outside professionals in reviewing your wills and trusts, including revocable trusts, life insurance trusts, and intervivos trusts, along with your gifting strategies for efficient transfer of wealth to heirs or charitable causes.

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