Our clients interests always come first...

We believe the foundation of our practice is built on the highest ethical standards. We adhere to a code of ethics that avoids conflicts of interests with our clients. Our approach for every engagement is to go beyond traditional fundamental and quantitative analysis. We seek to add value to each client relationship by customizing it to their own unique needs.

As a fiduciary, we will always work in our client's best interest; we never give advice or take actions that we wouldn't take ourselves. Our commitment to our clients is to do our best to preserve and increase their capital, provide the best advice we or our professional service providers can provide and to be responsive to their needs.  Underlying everything is a commitment to put the client’s needs ahead of the firm’s needs.

We are a team of seasoned, experienced professionals

There is no substitute for the for the hard, detailed work of digging for investment insights and we draw sharp distinctions between investing, on the one hand, and speculating, on the other. 

We seek to recognize the individual needs of each client and work consultatively with the client’s other advisors, such as their CPA, estate planning attorney, insurance agent or personal banker to provide a holistic solution for the client and his or her family. Our clients have access to the full resources of the firm.  They are the firm’s client, not the client of any one portfolio manager or partner.