Our Philosophy

Our mission is to preserve and grow our clients’ capital. We customize our accounts to fit the individual objectives and risk tolerances of each client.

We believe that long term ownership of high quality stocks is the best way to compound growth and maintain purchasing power. We use high quality bonds, when appropriate, to meet near term needs and preserve wealth.

We diversify holdings, but avoid over diversification.  Our accounts often hold 25 to 30 stocks.  We typically hold our investments for three to five years or more.

We look for stocks that have identifiable advantages.  For example, we look for companies that own scientific breakthroughs and the intellectual property to protect it. Or we look for industry leadership based on scale and economies of scale.

We have developed specialized knowledge and expertise in investing so that you do not have to do the same. We relieve you of managing your capital. We have in house or through affiliated professionals the resources to create, execute and monitor comprehensive wealth management programs, including trusts and estate planning and tax oriented accounting services.

Our commitment to our clients is to do our best to preserve and increase their capital, provide the best advice we or our professional service providers can provide and to be responsive to their needs.  Underlying everything is a commitment to put the client’s needs ahead of the firm’s needs.

Our clients have access to the full resources of the firm.  They are the firm’s client, not the client of any one portfolio manager or partner.