Our Story...


Princeton Capital Management LLC is the result of a merger of two investment advisory firms. The oldest is Princeton Capital Management Inc., which was founded in 1988 by James Fitzpatrick.  Jim had just retired from managing the YMCA’s pension fund, which he had helped bring back from financial distress to solvency, when he founded Princeton Capital Management. He brought his unique vision and understanding of technology and science coupled with investment discipline to his new firm, instilling confidence and providing value to his clients.

When Jim passed in 2016, management of the firm was handed off the Hugh Fitzpatrick, Karen Keeler, and Al Berkeley, who continue to serve their clients as Princeton Capital has since the beginning.

Hudson Canyon Investment Counsel LLC was the other registered investment advisor that came together to create Princeton Capital Management LLC.  

Hudson Canyon was founded in 2001 by Joseph Cajigal.  Joe had been a Senior Officer and member of the Executive Committee of the Fiduciary Trust Company. Joe encompasses a global vision on investment opportunity, has broad experience in taxation, trust, and estate planning and commitment to client satisfaction is his mission. When Fiduciary Trust was sold to Franklin Templeton, the opportunity to form Hudson Canyon arose.

The merger of Hudson Canyon and Princeton Capital Management arose because the principals of both firms saw an opportunity to create a firm which, at its core, believes that providing clients with a commitment to excellence in investment and wealth management services is the top priority.

We believe that our clients’ interests should always be placed ahead of our own. We would be in the business of providing services and advice to our clients and not selling product to them.

We wanted to create an environment where each client would feel as we do, partners in the effort, not vendors or consumers, so that our collective interests would always be aligned.