Investment Management

The combination of our investment management capabilities and commitment to flexibility is uncommon among wealth managers today. We provide strategic investment advice to institutions, endowments, personal foundations and other clients that require additional manager diversification or asset class exposure. Our advice spans from dynamic asset allocation recommendations to a full spectrum of third-party manager solutions.

Princeton Capital Management uses several investment strategies. Direct ownership of equity in promising companies is our most fundamental approach. We use it in both capital appreciation accounts and capital preservation accounts.

We use specific “drivers of growth” to guide investments in some accounts. For example, we have one client who asked for a portfolio particularly focused on cyber security investments. More generally, our core portfolios are often built around five drivers of growth: 1 2 3 4 5

We use “sustainable growth goals” to guide investments in other Princeton Capital Management has a disciplined investment process that emphasizes understanding the macroeconomic growth drivers affecting the investment in question, its industry and its competitors. We want investments in companies that have “the wind at their back.” We also want investments in companies that have defensible “moats” protecting their market position.

Our principals and portfolio managers meet regularly to challenge the investment thesis for each holding and proposed holding.

We tend to hold positions based on the company’s fundamental competitive position. We do not attempt to time the market, for the most part.