Princap Growth Equity Strategy

An unconstrained strategy seeking investment opportunities across the entire stock market; offered through separately managed accounts

Objective – superior, long-term returns investing in primarily US-based companies with significant prospects for growth over the next three to five years.

Investor profile – seeks superior long-term returns with less concern for interim volatility


  • primarily US exchange-traded equities Innovative companies that are both well-managed and well-positioned to leverage demographic and secular trends
  • Established companies as well as fast growing, young and dynamic businesses
  • No market capitalization or industry bias

Critical stock selection factor – sustainability of growth attributes

Portfolio characteristics:

  • Focused portfolio of 20 to 35 positions
  • Position weightings typically 3 - 7%
  • Diversified across 6 or more economic sectors
  • Growth bias
  • Annual turnover typically 20 – 40%