Princap Core Equity Strategy

Princap's Core Equity Strategy is a conservative strategy designed to serve as the foundation for most investors’ portfolios; offered through separately managed accounts

Objective – out performance versus a general market benchmark over a market cycle plus downside protection

Investor profile – seeks returns that are less volatile than the market, without giving up the opportunity for excess return versus the standard benchmark over a typical market cycle of three to five years


  • Highly liquid, US exchange-traded equities Emphasis on companies with little or no enterprise risk favors established, mid-to-large capitalization names
  • Dual performance objective leads to a blend of growth and dividend-paying equities

Critical stock selection factor – valuation relative to perceived opportunity

Portfolio Characteristics:

  • Focused portfolio of 20 to 35 positions
  • Position weightings typically 3 - 7%
  • Diversified across 6 or more economic sectors
  • Growth bias with S&P 500 or better yield
  • Annual turnover typically 20 – 40%